Monday, August 23, 2010


God i feel like a crippled old lady!

My bones are aching so bad, due to lack of sleep I'm guessing. Basically every night I've went to bed at like 8am and wake up at around 12 30-
1ish. or I'm up all night and all day and then all night until like 5am the next morning! I'm up on my feet constantly so my ankles are aching so damn bad, and my legs from constant jumping jacks and running in spot while i purge to help get it up. Its 4:41am and i have to be up at 9 30 for my appointment. blah! When i sat down on my bed it felt like 456789lbs were taken off my feet it feels so good!
I'm going to cruise around the internet for a while longer then TRY and sleep, which seems basically impossible lately. I'm exhausted. But I'm like a zombie, I can't sleep. Is this Insomnia?... Nahh! It can't be, its all just in my head
, It has to be. I'm fine!

I just took 5 laxatives, which doesn't seem like enough now so I'm going to take another 5. Tomorrow I plan on going to my appointment, coming home and attempting a nap, then when i wa
ke up take my "special pill".
I'm suppose to go to the movies and watch Twilight Sucks with my friend, we are going to make
"Fuck Edward" and "Fuck Jacob" Tshirts where it says that on the front and "Twilight Sucks" on the back! hahaha! how creative eh! I hate Twilight as you can tell, and I hate going to the movies but I may make an exception for this, I'm already wanting to just curl up in a ball and stay home as usual tomorrow but we will see how i feel. I may just stay home and exercise like crazy.

Well that's about all for now. I'm still really excited to fast the next couple days! I will update as soon as i can tomorrow :) Love you guys!

p.s. I am not weighing myself until after my 2 day fast. well I'm going to try.




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