Sunday, November 7, 2010


Blah i woke up this morning because my stomach was KILLING me from all the laxatives i took before bed, the pain was almost unbearable.
So my day was shit literally from the second i woke up (hahah a pun..), anyways i woke up at 2:30pm and then my mom and dad got home at 3pm and we went to go look at a fucking house at 4:30pm.
I only went for something to do, and to criticize it. I basically just walked in the house and walked through the entire thing leaving my parents and the douche bag salesman guy in the dust, after i was done i stood at the front door turned to my dad and said "Bedrooms are to small, and the basement is shit. peace" the basement wasn't even done! and the rooms WERE small! my bedroom now is already almost to small to hold all my furniture, my bedroom is basically a living room,no beds just couches, mini fridge, table, 2 dressers, and my tv. how the hell is that all suppose to fit in a shack sized bedroom. then my dad says
"but did you see this! look!"
i look back in the "master bedroom" and there's a bathroom...really dad...REALLY! YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE YOUR BULIMIC DAUGHTER THE MASTER BEDROOM WITH ITS OWN PERSONAL BATHROOM! awe shucks...thanks!
I looked at him with like a "are you serious" face and said "I don't want the fucking bathroom" then i turn to the real estate agent and say
"This house sucks" and i leave.

I have already decided to move out on my own when everything is official, but to be honest i don't think i am ready to live on my own, that means i have to find a job as fast as i can, then buy my house, it would be like waking up one morning and suddenly being an adult and having all these responsibilities. I am not even done school yet!


Its almost 6pm and i haven't eaten or drank anything yet. I don't really want anything either... Just drugs, i want something to numb my brain.
I am going to go smoke a cigg and then clean my room. then go out for a walk...after that who knows..


Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

Yeah your right, the house did sound shite! Seems like your going through so much atm =/ And tbh, you are coping well no matter what you think xx

*Broken* said...

Giving a bulimic her own bathroom...the worst idea ever!
I also need to get a job, I want to move out on my own stat.
Your going through a lot, so don´t be so hard on yourself, things WILL get better for you

glmx said...

hope u feel better soon xxx


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