Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I got those pills today! I got 10 for free... i had to do some... inappropriate things for them, but i HAD do! I need to lose weight and i need to lose it now, i am going insane. I am FAT. That is the only word i can use to describe myself at the moment, FAT, EVERYWHERE! My arms, legs, love handles, my cheeks, collar bones, boobs, stomach, hands, FEET, ankles, wrists, back flab. Literally everywhere is covered.
I had an awful binge last night, and i did it because i thought i would have been able to fast today because i was suppose to get the pills LAST night, but plans changed and i binged for nothing. Today i got the pills and then ended up binging pretty bad again tonight, but at least this time i know for sure i can fast tomorrow, AND THE NEXT DAY AND THE NEXT DAY AND THE NEXT DAY!

I am hoping to lose 10lbs in the next 10lbs, which i think should be pretty reasonable, first couple days the pounds just fall off. I am going to weigh myself Friday, I was going to tomorrow but i am to scared, and i am going to fast tomorrow ONLY WATER! (Barely water, probably like less then half a bottle of water all day) tons of walking with my friend, and then exercise on my treadmill (which is now in my room!) for most of the night.
I don't know what my plan will be for the next 10 days, all i know is it will be mostly fasting and when i do eat it will be under 100 calories, like one salad, or one apple, or one jar of baby food, etc.

So excited, no lollipops, no gum, no NOTHING! God i cant wait until these 10 days are up and i can see if i have lost any weight, so i can feel a little better about myself because lately i have been feeling disgusted and miserable.
I hope to be 100lbs by next saturday, so around 10lbs since i am assuming i weigh around 110lbs now *HURL*...
ten days ten days ten days..
No food tomorrow.

Fuck i cant wait.
BYE BYE BULIMIA! this means no binging or PURGING (waahh) for 10 days (and longer) this will be hard (well not really), but it will be worth it. I am going to finish off november with a bang and enter december slimmer, and enjoy christmas nice and skinny. My goal for christmas is 90lbs. and now... i believe i can actually fucking do it thanks to these pills i have.
Pathetic? Maybe. But anything to be beautiful and skinny.


*Broken* said...

No binging or purgin for the nex 10 days, I´ll sign up for that!
You´ll do great sweetie!

not.quite.ana said...

i hope your pills work :) i'm assuming they're appetite suppressants? sounds like you're super determined, i'll be so jealous if you lose 10 lbs in 10 days! good luck <33

glmx said...

good luck hun you can do it xxx

Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

No b/p-ing for 10 days will do you good :D good luck :) glad you seem happy! xx

elle x said...

hey hun, well done on your fast! what pills are you taking? xxxx


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