Friday, November 5, 2010

I wish i had a body to die for.

I just came back from the grocery store and got some lollipops (a MASSIVE bag) they are the tootsie roll lollipops, they are the smaller ones though, 50 calories for 4 so i will have 4 (if that) a day (and probably not every day), i also got the walden farms dressings, frozen broccoli and cauliflower (the bags that you steam), some flavored cottage cheese packs (90-100 calories for one), lots of packs of gum and calorie free mints, four 2L bottles of diet soda (different flavors to keep my mouth satisfied),5 calorie jello, 1 more can of baby food (90 calories for a big jar)and i think that's all.

My dad bought a lot of food that i would normally be like "AWE YOU BASTARD!", like sugary strudels, and pastries, tons of ice cream, but I'm not craving it all, I am SO full today and its 5pm and i have had half a 2L bottle of caffeine free diet root beer, and whats awesome is my dad bought all HIS junk yesterday and i was still like "meh i could live without it" and its true, i obviously can!

I THINK around 8pm i will have half the cucumber. The though of food right now is sickening but i know if i fast today i will just be setting myself up for a binge, so maybe once i get REALLY into the swing of things (restricting) then i will have a couple fasting days a week, but me being a bulimic, fasting on my second day of restricting probably isn't the best idea.
I need to be smart about this. I am still so shocked i am full off of 2 pickles in 2 days, my stomach is the flattest its been in a LONG time, even flatter then when i made it to only day 3 of my ABC, i really have no idea why haha. i think its because i have been cutting down on binging for the last week or so.

but I'm still fat and ugly.
I am going to go do something to waste some time.

peace and love!


not.quite.ana said...

hahaha i love your grocery list. and you're being smart about choosing to restrict rather than fast, i often make the mistake of doing the opposite and end up binging afterwards which SUCKS. yay for flat tummies, i'm glad you're back :)

*Broken* said...

I agree, it´s very smart choosing restricting over fasting, I´m doing it to so I don´t binge later.
I wish I could say the same about my tummy, so yay =)
Have a great weekend!


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