Thursday, September 23, 2010


Everything is always my fault in this house, my mom bitches and nags and complains and gets me going, and then I get in shit for it by my dad, meanwhile my dad is the same way i am and bitches back at her constantly.

I will never be good enough. not for myself, not for anyone.
Which is true. I am not in school, but i should be, i have no job. Not that I care but everyone in the world is so brainwashed into thinking you need this shit.

I think im going to leave. like that boy i mentioned, just pack up a few things and just go. be free. i was planning on going this summer coming up, but i think i am going to leave earlier

I want to disappear so bad.
Everyone says an Eating Disorder is a slow form of suicide...well it couldnt take any longer, take all of me already!
Its time to really give it my all. I dont want to be here at all...



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