Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey guys, well yesterday started off great but i DID end up binging and purging, but the good news is it wasn't until way late at night and i only binged/purged once. so it was an improvement from the 4-5 a day and lasting all night. plus i woke up this morning and my stomach was a bit flatter!

Today on the other hand, i had to take that special pill once again because I'm desperate. So today will be fasting day, and so will tomorrow. But even before i did the pill, i managed to turn down donuts! and some really yummy looking pasta stuff with chicken in it. AH! but i don't want it.
I have to sign up for school tomorrow, I'm nervous. It's such a huge change from my last school, my last school it was basically home school with friends, it was from 8am until 12pm and there was like 10 people all together but split into two classes, we had smoke break every hour and the teachers were basically students. it was awesome, this school is basically the same thing but its a new building, new people, new teachers. This school is for "Adults" 18 years and up. Scary thought. But I'll adjust.

I was going to weigh myself today, but i think i will save that tragedy for tomorrow haha, i went to sleep at 8am this morning and woke up at 4:30pm hahaha, i need to clean my room, trust me, that will be a work out and a half, then i am going to play some wii and then jump in the shower. Then treadmill later on tonight!

Now for non-weight related news, my birthday is on the 28th of this month. and i am getting a new tattoo!
I am stuck between two ideas, one i have had for a while, chained up angel wings on my back, but not "Sweet" angel wings if you know what i mean. It's suppose to represent "No Freedom". My other tattoo idea is lyrics or a quote somewhere on my body. I am still choosing the tattoo placement and quote but i have a few written down.

Anyways, i need to get on with my day since i woke up late! Need to exercise and clean and shower, ahh!
Update later :)

tata for now! MUAH



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