Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what a night!

last night i went out to get drunk, and boy did i ever get fucking drunk. i was up all night drinking and went to school drunk lmao but before we went to school me and my friend binged and purged, we stay at school for like 20 minutes then walked home, i lost my ipod touch (which i am extremely pissed about, but not as pissed as i am about the binge and purge), and my friend lost her cell phone. i retraced our steps (from what i can remember anyways) but couldn't find either.
and i feel fatter as hell now, because my friend who is bulimic, her younger sister (only by a few months) has an ED too. and she has lost so much weight and shes fucking tiny now. I thought I was the sickest one...is it bad that im thinking like this?
hmm... well ED is a pretty selfish disorder in a way..

Well im just in a shitty mood, i feel fat as fuck, and i lost my ipod.
Fasting tomorrow because i techinally already binged today. I feel like absoloute hell! UGH! TRHIS IS WHY I DONT GO OUT!

sorry about the typos. Still a bit tipsy.
Blah, i want to die right now..



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