Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty proud of myself!

Okay well i did fan-fuckin-tastic today!

Its 8pm and i haven't eaten, and the best part about that is i did it drug free! which i haven't done in SO long! and usually by this time i would already be like "go to bed everyone so i can binge!" but nope. i have no appetite whatso-ever. I had some diet coke through out the day and literally exercised ALLLLLL day! I played The Biggest Loser and sweated mad bullets.

I can't even explain how good i feel right now.
I guess "In Control" is a pretty good way to put it.

My stomach is already so much flatter then it has been in a while, probably from no purging, and obviously binging. My face isn't as swollen. Its so strange how one day can make a difference.
I think i might be comfortable enough to weigh myself tomorrow tomorrow, i am hoping i am under 110lbs again. even by one pound.

and my "friend" apologized to me on facebook LMAO.
I have other things on my mind that i want to concentrate on now. I told her, that was the last time. and i am sticking to my word. I am doing great with my exercise, and restricting. I am not ruining it again.
Selfish? maybe. but we all know eating disorders are a pretty selfish disease.

peace and love guys!



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