Monday, September 13, 2010

Holy Crap.

Well i had yet ANOTHER drunken night last night.
binged, for fuck sakes. a pretty bad one too. me and my bulimic friend both shared a whole tub of Ice Cream, had a Hot Dog (on just normal sliced bread), another piece of sliced bread, Cheetos (HAHA), what my parents had for dinner (rice, kind of like a stir-fry), and a Popsicle. BOO.
and by the time we were done it was like 6am so we were exhausted, i don't know if she purged when she got home, but i know i tried. it was hard because i was just so DEAD and blah... i feel gross. but i did get some of it up! but not as much as usual which is unfortunate.

But some good news, i spent some alone time with the guy i liked yesterday FOR THE FIRST TIME, and only second time hanging out with him ;) hahaha and we just smoked cigarettes, listened to punk music and had a normal conversation, it was awesome. it was so casual, and we have a lot on common, i really hope he is thinking the same things as me. with my luck with guys, i doubt it.
I had school this morning at 8, so i had a whole hour of sleep lol. woohoo. but i got an agenda at school (lmao seriously, who still gets those right?) but it has like calenders, and goals for the week and stuff in it so i thought i would use it as a diet book. i wrote out my plan for the next 2 weeks. foods (which is no more then like 2 crackers and a pickle a day or something like that), my fasting days, and all the exercise i need to do. And then my goals, first it is get back down to 100lbs, I'm not sure what i am at yet but i know its not the greatest hahah my weigh in is Friday, then next week my goal is to lose another 5lbs, and then the next week i want to be around 90, and my birthday is that week so if i am around 90lbs i will get a Mohawk! a Banjo! or a Tattoo.


I walked home from school today so i could get some exercise, so i at least don't feel quite as contaminated and dirty and heavy. and i have a long day of exercise a head of me. so i need to start on that.
i will message with an update later :)



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