Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cant stay awayyy! ABC

I cant stay away hahah. I love reading blogs and i love updating my blog.

I've been doing good! (surprisingly). I started the ABC yesterday, which is the first time I'm trying it, i use to think it was kind of stupid for some reason, i usually like to go with the flow with my eating (in moderation obviously), but i never actually LOOKED at the ABC plan, and i actually like it! It's all low calorie days, it switches daily to keep your metabolism going, and its apparently really hard and challenging! so i thought to myself "PERFECT!".
I like a good challenge. and this might be the thing to get me out of my B/P cycle because i always hear people saying they can't make it for the full 50 days, so i want to be one of the people that did hahah.

Yesterday was a 500 calorie day and i had:
- 1 Apple cut into slices: 80 calories. I had this at 10pm.
- 10 ice breaker candies: It says zero calories, but PLEASE! 10 calories.
- 1 piece of sugar free gum: 4 calories (The Stride Mystery Flavor... btw the flavor is some citrusy shit.. I'm still trying to figure it out lmao)
Total= 94 calories.

Today i tried to have a little closer to the 500 calorie limit, because tomorrow is 300 calories and it just gets lower, and if i restrict to under 100 calories for like the first week of the ABC i will most likely binge earlier. So i am trying to be smart here!

Today was another 500 calorie day and i had:
- Yogurt: 35 Calories.
- 1 Cherry Cheese Cake Lollipop: 100 Calories.
- Plain Salad from those bags: 55 Calories.
- 1 Tootsie Pop: 45 Calories.
Total = 235 Calories.

I actually thought it would have been less....
BUT POINT IS! I didn't go over 500 so i need to think positive and keep telling myself i did good today. plus i WANTED to get closer to 500.
Most of my calories came from the two lollipops today anyways...
I hope i can keep this up, i can feel my stomach shrinking, it feels tighter. I haven't weighed myself in a few days I'm saving that for maybe Saturday or Sunday morning, hopefully i will be under 106, because I'm guessing I'm around 108-109lbs right now.
I've been running more, and using one of those pedometer things that count your steps and how many calories you burn.
I'm REALLY trying this time, lets hope i can go longer then 3 days this time. Since last time i failed miserably after the third day of restricting hahaha. But I'm good! I believe in myself this time! I NEED to get out of the B/P cycle sometime in my life so why the hell not now!

PLUS! I Got a new ipod touch since i lost my last one on a drunken night, so i have a bunch of new weight loss apps and apps that list low calorie foods from grocery stores and stuff, i am also writing out what I'm eating everyday in this fancy little book i got that includes a calculator INSIDE! fuck yes.
So I'm prepared this time hahah, I'm also trying to think ahead about what to eat for the next day, like tomorrow is a 300 calories day so i will probably have something like ...

Tuna Sandwich
- Can of flavored tuna (90)
- Two slices of 40 calorie bread (80)
= 170 calories

Apple - 80 Calories
2 Cups of Salad - 45
Grand Total = 295

Ehhhhh.. or something a long those lines hahah.
Maybe some egg whites and hot sauce instead of the tuna sandwich, or just the tuna without the bread so i can fit in a rice cake or something. i need to be able to stay somewhat full throughout the days, but not uncomfortably full.


OH and some good news aside from the whole food bizznesssss. I finally got enrolled in school so i can finish my credits, I'm suppose to be done high school, but I'm not a fan of the whole school system thing, and then they tried to make me go back ANOTHER year (that would have been TWO school victory laps people) to get more credits. But instead now, i go to this building every Wednesday, pick up some work, come home, do the work whenever i want, as long as i bring it back the next Wednesday.
So everything is pretty good right now. :) Can't complain to much... yet hahaha.

I am going to go look at some thinspo, read wasted and some blogs and play with my ipod, drink some coke zero and sort shit out for tomorrow!


Jaz said...

Please come on msn, i need to talk to someone who understands, i can't log into my blog, don't know i haven't updated in ages. just need to talk

Jaz x


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