Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trying something new

Today feels like a good day! haahah minus what my weight was, 107.1 but whatever...I weighed myself because i knew if i didn't then i would most likely keep binging and purging, THIS way i now know how fat i am and i will be able to keep myself on track.
I have a few things i want to share with you guys!
I am a horoscope junkie lol i believe in that shit, and i read like a hundred different horoscopes a day, i know its stupid to read horoscopes let alone 20 different ones every morning, but i swear almost EVERY SINGLE ONE for today was weight related. The main ones:

1.Involve yourself in playing some sport as it is the secret of perpetual youth. simply ignore those who approach you for temporary loans. watch out what you say when you are in a group-you could be criticized for your impulsive remarks. your smiles have no sound-heart forgets to beat as you miss the company. think twice before you take on any new project. efforts made to improve your looks and personality will turn out to your satisfaction.

The next one is creeeeeeeeeeeeepy
2.Don't question your own judgment today and you will find success. The only way you can fail at an important assignment or in the pursuit of a special goal is if you begin to second guess yourself and you become overly critical of your efforts. If you can make decisions with confidence, and then follow through with true commitment to your choices, then you will glide through even the toughest events of the day. you are exactly where you are meant to be, so own the moment.

Every time i think i am going to binge, or if i don't think i can control a binge i WILL binge, so i just need to think positive constantly and tell myself i dont WANT to binge, its all in my head!
(I already knew that anyways)

Quick question.
Is anyone elses blog thing all messed up? like i cant change my font or add pretty colors and stuff anymore D: i loved doing that (as you could probably tell hahaha)IT LOOKS SO BORING NOW!

Okay now on to food.
It is 2:30pm and i have been eating for 20 minutes (Small breakfast which i took a picture of and i am going to post), i am going to start posting pictures of EVERY meal i eat so i don't over eat.
I had 4 tablespoons of egg whites (45 calories) with hot sauce (0 calories) and 2 meatless bologna (20 + 20 = 40) with a tiny bit of mustard on the side (0 calories) and a nice bug cup of water!

Total = 85 calories so far

I will probably have a salad later for around 55 calories and then tonight 4 pickles for 10 calories and a 35 calorie yogurt that i froze.
which should make today a 185 calorie day, and if i have cravings later i will have a 100 calorie lollipop that lasts forever and the flavor is like watermelon, or bubblegum, or BANANA SPLIT!
options options options.

Remember what my horoscope said guys! it can work for all of you also, if you think you are going to binge, you probably will, so think positive :) seems to be working alright for me today :)

p.s. the plate my food is on is one of those small plates.


Depressed Skinny Mess. said...

Back goregeous! :D just read all the updates, and well done :) you will get there in the end! fuck food ;]



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