Friday, October 8, 2010

Every ounce of fat is my defeat.

Jeez the third day is the easiest.

I was only 106.6 this morning so it didn't go down to much but its still better then 108, but its not good enough.
I planned on only having 200 calories today but i went over, i had about 350 calories. Its still under 500 though so whatever... and plus 45 of those calories were from 1 calorie mints. I feel fat as fuck.. and like a failure, i can never stick to the calorie intake i have planned, BUT i am trying to get out of my bulimia. baby steps my friends, baby steps. I had today planned out perfectly but woke up at 4pm so my whole plan was thrown off, but tomorrow i plan on having:

Breakfast: Yogurt (35) OR Jello (5)
Lunch: Beef Cup-a-Soup (35)
Lunch: Bowl of steamed veggies not to sure of the calories I'm just going to say 40 to be safe.
So a total of 80-110 calories. not including sugar free gum.

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!

That shit better be sold in Canada hahaha. 5 calorie per piece, that's way better then 500+ for the actual dessert itself.

I bought a pack of cinnamon mints (1 calorie per mint) and i bought double bubble candy gum, 60 calories per 8 pieces, so i put 8 pieces in a bunch of different ziplock bags. and i bought those watermelon candy things, 140 calories per 13 pieces, and i also put 13 pieces in ziplock bags. This way i wont go over the calorie amount for the candies, plus i don't plan on eating all 13 or 8 pieces in a day.
and of course i bought Sugar free gum.
I usually don't even eat candy, but i figure instead of binging have a piece of candy would be better then having 1000+ calories.

So i have been running a lot, and now i can barely walk because i pulled the muscle on the back of BOTH calves, so i need to try and figure something out, i will probably suck it up through the pain and run anyways, i have also been sticking to a green tea a day (or two). So i haven't been doing to bad! Haven't been losing as much weight as i had hoped but hopefully tomorrow i will be 104-105lbs.

i want to be 70lbs
i want to be 70lbs
i want to be 70lbs

I want to get down to 100lbs FAST. My thighs are like tree trunks and i can't stand looking at the fat on them for another damn day. I want liposuction.



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