Saturday, October 9, 2010


Okay what in the fuck!
I went to bed last night with my stomach growling, and with a good feeling about this morning. Went to sleep at around 3:30am and just woke up now at 11:am. Took a wizz and then weighed myself... 106.5! WHAT THE HELL! I LOST .1 POUND?! ugh this is getting ridiculous! under 500 calories for 3 days and I've only lost like 1lb!! I'm really frustrated..
I am only going to eat steamed veggies today, now that I'm able to control binge urges again, and now that I've learned to feed off my hunger and learn to love it again.
So steamed veggies and sugar free gum today, and diet coke and water and slim quick zero calorie juice and laxatives (LOTS OF LAXATIVES) and green tea.
and i need to do more exercise, AND purge whatever goes in.
I cant believe it though...when i got down to 97lbs not to long ago i barely exercised, now i am running everyday and I'm barely losing!
So i am going to play my wii fit all day, then go on my treadmill, and then go out for a run and do some jump rope. and then
HOPEFULLY tomorrow i will be fucking 105lbs at least. because i am getting SICK of seeing 106 on the damn scales and I'm getting even more sick of losing POINT ONE pound a day.


I am going to make myself a green tea then go out for a morning run...

That's an old picture of me i found last night on a really really old Myspace (i don't even use Myspace anymore hahah) Look at my boobs! I always thought my boobs were the same size as they always were. but looking at this picture i noticed they are THANKFULLY smaller. I would rather lose .1lb a day then gain .1lb a day and look like that tub of lard again.


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