Friday, October 8, 2010

Cigarettes and Green Tea.


Okay its midnight and i avoided a binge.
I was only going to binge because I'm so use to binging at midnight when everyone goes to sleep, and i KNEW that so i lit up a smoke instead (Don't worry, I've always smoked) and put the ash tray on the table infront of me so every time i went to ash my smoke i leaned forward and snuck in some sit up type things haha and now my want to binge is gone and my stomach is still growling.

I am about to make myself a green tea then go out for a run and do some jump rope.
I'm starting to get black outs when i stand up and get a little dizzy even just sitting. I am getting high off hunger and its the best high EVER.
I've taken some laxatives to cleanse my body of the gross stuff i ate today which by the way was:

1 rice cake (45) and 2 pickles (5), i left half of each pickles and a quarter of the rice cake.
7 crackers (49) and 1 slice of meatless bologna (20)
Jello (5)
Tuna Sandwich, made with 2 slices of 40 calorie bread (80) and a tin of flavored tuna (90)
Total = 294

That's not including the 45 calories from the mints and some gum so around 400 and something calories.

Well. I am going to go make some green tea then work off the shit load of calories i had and then hopefully fall asleep because my body is exhausted!



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