Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New update.

I'm trying to update as much as possible to make up for the lack of posts hahah. plus its helping me.

Okay well. its 10:30pm and i haven't eaten since 6. I'm SO fucking cold! and my nail beds are like purple, but it's okay.
I'm watching Supersize vs. Superskinny, I'm lucky to get it on my TV since its usually only in the U.K! and seeing the morbidly obese girl is grossing me out, this show is unbelievable motivation, its both reverse thinspo and thinspo. and it showed a video of a guy who was 52 stone. i didn't even know how much that was, so i Googled it to pounds and its almost 800lbs!! holyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuckk!!! i feel bad for him though, once you are that high in your weight its so hard to lose weight since i imagine he can barely move let alone exercise.

I bought a pack of gum but i can't bring myself to have a piece, i know its not FOOD but i feel guilty having a piece after 6pm so i guess im just sticking to my Coke Zero hahaha. i even gave a bunch of pieces of my gum out to others, if i cant enjoy it, might as well let other people!

I'm really enjoying the hunger. I finally feel successful, and in control again. Lets hope i can keep this up.



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