Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Todays the Day

Todays my fresh start, i went to bed at 5am and woke up at 10pm, and then eventually fell back asleep and woke up close to 2pm, and i had planned to eat a yogurt at 1:30pm but since i slept in I'm skipping it.i have a jello planned for 2:30pm which is in 4 minutes hahah. so i will have had 5 calories for today. Then i plan on drinking more water and less diet soda throughout the day.

Then i am going to go for a walk later on tonight.

I don't have much to say yet, my stomach is on the verge of growling which is good! I'm making myself love the hunger again,like i said, i want to feed off of my hunger and that's exactly what i intend to do. Get high off hunger.

I didn't weigh myself this morning because i feel to uncomfortable!so after hopefully doing good today i will feel better about weighing myself tomorrow morning, and then i will weigh myself every morning to keep myself on track.
I'm also going to bust out my food scale and start weighing everything by the gram so i get the EXACT calories. I'm going to get really hardcore now because i am back to that stage of feeling unbelievably bad about myself, everything is so much bigger...flabbier...and just GROSS! i hate gaining weight because it makes me wonder what people think about me..

I need to eat my jello now..that i don't even really want to eat, but i need to to prevent me from binging later on. So i have too..
Wish me luck guys, i swear on my life today everything changes.



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