Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forget weight for a minute,,

Lets get of the subject of weight for a moment.
LOOK AT MY HAIR :D lollllllll
Its sloppy,and messy and i love it! I died the top purple (looks blue in the pictures kinda..) but you can still see the faded turquoise in my roots from my last hair color, but i like it! I died my side burns red and then the bottom layer of my hair back to blue!
THEN! I parted my hair further to the side and cut really short layers so i can spike the top because after the colors from my hair fade i am getting a mohawk baby! I cant wait!
The pictures were taken in a bathroom because yes, i just finished purging before these pictures were taken -_-'
anywhoo i said we will not talk about weight in this post! I am to happy with the outcome of my hair :)


Almost.Skinny said...

Love it!!! :)

not.quite.ana said...

Aw it looks great! You deserve something to cheer you up :)


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