Monday, August 16, 2010

Coke Zero for breakfast

(The picture above is me. 99lbs this morning. Its the first picture I've ever taken of my back, I shocked myself a bit..A BIT! My ribs don't stick out nearly enough..)

Last night was hard and was like a war in my head for hours, all over a pickle. Of course the winner was "Ana", i ended up forcing myself to try and sleep so i wouldn't eat anything. I woke up at 12:30pm today, it is now 1:16pm and i just finished a coke zero, it hurts my finger tips to type and i find i bruise much easier now. i was 99lbs this morning, i was hoping for lower but i can deal, id rather 2 digits then that shitty 106lbs i was less than a week ago, besides i was 100lbs yesterday (gained lb after that "normal meal" 2 days ago). Which is another thing, i gain much easier now, which is keeping me from binging so so much more.
TMI* I also have to take a crap lmao hoping to lose at least a .2lbs ahah
I am watching the Tyra Show, the episode is about 6 "Fiercely Real" Teen Models, Tyra picked 6 "plus sized" real teenage girls and is having a competition to pick the winner! This episode is basically exactly like Americas Next Top Model, the photo shoots, the judges... Its pretty cool. Its over at 2 (half hour) after that i need to get dressed and do my makeup, then go meet the kids i have to babysit at SEVEN IN THE MORNING tomorrow. blahh. I will be home around 5 like i mentioned before, Then i will probably have a yogurt that i froze yesterday, and eat it like ice cream. yum.
This is all for now since i just woke up and my brain is still like a scrambled egg.
UPDATES LATER! wish me luck

I'm going to start ending with song lyrics, because i like being fancy in my blogs ahahah.

"The pressures on, girl your gone, you learning how to pretend, no one knows the sickness grows"



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