Saturday, August 21, 2010

Im Scuuured (Scared)

I just need to quickly say I'm a little scared right now, you know how with eating disorders usually comes a lot of heath problems, including heart attack, etc.
Well Today i have a really weird numbing feeling in my arm (mainly my elbow) and my wrist feels like its asleep, and my arm is really heavy, i looked it up on Google because that shit knows everything and it could be a pinched nerve, bad circulation, OR stroke or heart attack. EEK. I know it's probably not that serious but i still cant help but wonder...

But besides that I'm going to try something new with my blog, I seen it on another blog. I'm going to start taking pictures of what i eat everyday and post them, because well...I wont want to post picture after picture after picture after picture of a binge right! haahah. Ugh this Eating Disorder thing is way to exhausting... I feel like my brain is spinning and spinning and spinning and eventually its just going to explode! Oh and guess what? I went shopping today. I just have to say the clothes i got are fucking AWESOME and i am SO posting pictures later hahaha, get ready to see a pink pullover cat sweater, a shirt with a bow and chain, and a very holey shirt. pimpin. Now I've decided i for sure cant binge or else they are going back to the store. WOULDN'T want that now would i?!

That's all for now, you know what I'm going to say..
Time for some Super Mario.
A Numb, heavy arm isn't going to stop me from gaming hardcore.

P.s. Carrie Underwood is on T.V what a babe. I usually don't think of people her size as thinspo (Shes skinny as hell! But i prefer runway models as and bones, etc) but this hoe looks good! I'm jealous.
Ok. enough stalling.



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