Friday, August 20, 2010

I Feel Great!

Its 9:30pm and I'm having my first yogurt of the day.

I was up at 3:30pm and i was planning on fasting but clearly that didn't work, So I may push fasting till tomorrow OR the 23rd since the chances of me successfully fasting for sure is that day.
Today i did a lot of walking, i was out with my dad basically all day so i burned quite a few calories im guessing, then i mopped and vacuumed my bedroom floor and now i am playing Super Mario (i love that guy hahah).
I have already been eating this yogurt for like a good 10 minutes hahah, and i plan on just having a glass of Fizzy flavored water (zero calories and zero sodium) to keep me even more full (which i surprisingly am).

My uncle is coming over from Toronto today so him and my aunt and mom and dad will probably be up till pretty late tonight so i wont get to get on the treadmill until around 1 30 -2 since i hate exercising in front of people.

anyways i need to cut this short. i have tons to say later but my dads beside me and I'm a little awkwarded out at the moment hahah



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