Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ugh. Look at her legs!
Bastard .. -_-'

Okay. First let me just say DO NOT HAVE KIDS. Babysitting sucks, and i am getting my tubes tide tomorrow hahaha. The one girl was a brat, true definition of one, i could complain all day but id rather not so i can get my mind off them, it was 8 hours of hell and so not worth 45 dollars, I'm not going back hahaha. The only good thing was i did A LOT of moving, i actually weighed myself when i got back and i was a pound lighter. Being a pound lighter closer to the end of the day AND only having 2 hours of sleep, not to shabby at all lol. First thing i did with the money was buy slim quick drink mix for 30 dollars. So that's not to bad. I also haven't eaten at all today yet and its 6:07pm don't plan on eating for the rest of the day, really no point, plus I'm exhausted i cant even eat haha.

Hmmm. Not much else to say, besides i was 99lbs last i checked, hopefully fasting for the rest of the day, some exercise tonight and tons of sleep i will hopefully be a good 97 tomorrow. I'm hoping so damn bad! 97lbs would be my lowest. Gah one can only hope. So... My knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my back hurts, and i already have no money left from babysitting the devils. BUT... I got some expensive slim quick drink mix things that my dad always (somewhat) complains about (since their expensive), i got to go shopping and bought some pimpin tights and a new Super Mario game for wii ;) , A FREE MAGAZINE - HOLLLAAAA! and i haven't eaten yet. (SCORE) Overall a decent day, I'm in a good mood and for once went out with JUST my mom and ... was nice! That's shocking for me, I must be in a good mood. No way in hell am i ruining it with eating later. Oh yah, not that its important but i bought a new flavor of 35 calorie yogurt, The ones i have now are dessert flavored (for still 35, yum yum yum) and now i have some berry fruit explosion stuff, the color of the box was really bright and vibrant so i had to get them. Anyways, i better stop rambling, if i forget anything i will most likely post another post sometime tonight anyways.

"As you try to find some source of light, try to name one thing you like, you used to have such a longer list and light you never had to look for it."



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