Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forget my past posts.

Forget my posts about my fails, i cant do anything about the past besides push forward and not make the same mistake again.

I'm fasting today whether i like it or not. which obviously, i do like hahah.
I cant keep ignoring what i want for long term, for something i want at the moment.

I've decided to spend my day making my weight loss journal thing, full of thinpsiration, quotes, safe foods and low calorie products, a chart of my inches and weight, diets.
i probably wont eat half of the foods, or do any of the diets, but its just something to pass the time, i use to do this all the time while watching movies about eating disorders. sounds like a granddd day to me!

its 3pm and ive been up for about an hour, i was 106lbs this morning...
omg thats so awful... i will lose the 8 lbs in no time! TRUST ME. this will not fly with me.

im going to watch some fresh prince of bel-air, work on my little project, and cruise the internet.



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