Friday, August 20, 2010

Now that we're alone ;)

Hahahhaha. Okay but seriously...
It is now 11:48pm and I only had one yogurt today (35 calories)and it took me like 15-20 minutes to eat it because

I was so into Super Mario and

2. My dad came home while i was eating it and I have a weird phobia about eating in front of people so i had to keep waiting for him to leave the room so i could take a bite hahah.

I MIGHT have another yogurt sometime later tonight, maybe a couple minutes before i work out later, but it all depends on how badly i want one (obviously) but i have already been craving it for like 30 minutes now, but my craving is gone now so who knows!
I'm just glad i didn't binge or anything today. But like i said, i needed to step up my game the next few days since i have 2 appointments coming up.
I went grocery shopping today with my dad again and i was going to buy 90 calorie granola peanut butter things (packs of 90 calories...look em up) and 100 calorie bars that looked fucking delicious (I will post pictures of both). Anyways, i ended up putting both back. For some reason i couldn't bring myself to buy them the only thing running through my head at the time was "The cashier is going to think I'm fat buying these...i mean 90 AND 100 Calorie snacks!" Which is ridiculous because,well, they could have been for my dad! AN
D IT WAS 90 AND 100 CALORIES! hahaha but oh well, I will buy them eventually, maybe when i lose a few more pounds i will treat myself to one of the bars! I mainly wanted the peanut butter things because peanut butter has been a bad binge food for me lately, i mean i eat jars. My dad ended up buying a HUGE tub of peanut butter (which is not good!) because i go through peanut butter like underwear and my dad loves it too so he knows i cant (or more so, he THINKS i can't) eat a tub of it hhaha. WHICH I WONT! I don't even want to touch that tub of PB.
OH! While i was at the grocery store it was hilarious, there was some guy behind me in the checkout line with the worst food choices! I mean, usually i don't judge people for what they buy at the grocery store but i actually looked back at his food, looked forward, then quickly looked back again like "WHAT?!" and i looked up at him with like a ":O really man! common!". He had a frozen pizza, (the rest of the stuff i list was already cooked, so he can just take it home and eat...lazy bastard hahah) Chicken wings, Scalloped Potatoes, cake, some mor
e shit, and...A SALAD! lmao. what a a way i was like "lucky bastard...i hate you for being able to buy a shit load of my favorite foods and not second think any of it". The guys had quite the belly on him though so it helped me realize THAT'S what i would look like eating that crap.
Well. That's all for now, basically today was a good day as far as food goes, exercise wasn't to bad, but the ACTUAL workout comes later tonight.

Now. Those yummy foods i was going to buy were...

Now..Imagine this, But PEANUT BUTTER flavored! HALLELUJAH!

Now, This stuff if genius no? yum yum!

Oh one last thing.
My mom made banana bread today, all i can say is..




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