Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Exercise Night.

Well since i slept all day, its pretty clear i will be up all night (I usually do anyways), but the difference between me being up all night tonight then any other night, is i have more energy tonight. So i plan on exercising all night, i have my treadmill, exercise bike (not sure if i will use adds bulk and muscle to legs I've heard and that exactly what i want to stay away from), My wii fit and some weights.
My plan is to start of with running in place while carrying weights every commercial break (so 3 minutes each break), I will do that for a while, Then i will go on the treadmill for around 30 minutes, Then i will go back to the running in place while carrying weights during every commercial break, and then i will play some wii fit.
Then I'm going to do some push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks before bed, I've already started the commercial thing, I can really feel it in my arms, I'm hoping to tone them up more.

Okay I just had to stop typing so i could do my second round of running in place with the weights, and my liver was acting up again, i started to get a really bad pain in my side so i had to take a break. Its still hurting.
But next commercial break i will run in spot faster with my knees up higher. and i will do an extra five minutes on the treadmill.

So, I'm not going to lie.
I am not much of an exerciser, I use to be more so then i am now, but even then, i wasn't all that hardcore
, I would be on the treadmill a lot throughout the day but only for 20-40 minutes, sometimes 10-15. I wish i was more of an exerciser but I'm super lazy and i run out of breath easily and get tired easily, I also have asthma and on top of that smoke cigarettes. BUT i am trying to get more into exercising. I try to sneak some in my everyday life like skip a step while RUNNING up the stairs, shaking my legs ALL the time, jumping jacks in between purging (hahah) and whenever else seems like a good time to do some jumping jacks, I try to go out as much as possible with my dad so i walk more. But all this isn't helping my weight loss as much as I'd like, so i am trying to get some proper exercise in, It will be hard but whatever.
Even if i don't want to exercise i will force myself to as much as possible because this is how i see it "You never WANT to binge, but you do it anyways, so who cares if you 'don't want to' exercise, your going to do it anyways"

Plus tomorrow is my way in day, I'm so scared and nervous...
Anywhoo, Time to get back to my exercise routine.

"What i wouldn't do to be Alice looking through the looking glass, taking one of those pills that makes you small, so small. What i wouldn't do to be less..."



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