Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two.

Today is day two of my fast, Yesterday i had about half a water bottle full of slim quick, and 2 sips of water, and Today i am going for the same. But i am also going to take my diet pills today and some laxatives tonight, and drink a green tea. Unfortunately i didn't exercise yesterday, but i tried to leave the house as much as possible, i went out with my brother to pick up my other brother and we stopped off at my brothers friends house so he could check something for his car, i stood outside for about 40 minutes and i was moving my legs a lot,then i got home and went to my friends house until about 10 because she was crying so i wanted to be there for her.
Today I was suppose to have plans with her and shit but i think I'm just going to stay home tonight since I've already forced myself to go out the past 2 days. We made a schedule for exercise and crap but i cant really stick to it with other people, i need to do my own things, but I'm considering it... Its going out for a jog every night at midnight (I prefer mornings, but i still might do this) and then the gym every Friday (i was considering getting a membership anyways...but i would feel really uncomfortable having someone i know with me, even if shes my best friend).

I Have a doctors appointment around 1:45pm, its 11:43am right now. This should be an interesting appointment hahaha.
I had another weird dream last night, The only part worth talking about is when someone says to me "Your Huge!". And in my dream i was at school when the person said that,that really motivates me to lose weight before school, i don't want to be that fat girl... Well I'm going to go look and save some recipes that i will never make or eat on the computer. I will return with a post after my appointment! hahhaha Wish me luck!

One more thing, if today goes as good as yesterday (which i know it will! Thinking positive) I'm going to try for a three day fast.
P.s. A little off topic, but i tend to do this. I'm watching "Full House" right now, anyone else think John Stamos is a sexy mother fucker! ... Cause i do ;)


Jaz said...

i just want to say, you're beautiful inside and out :) your such strong person, and one day you will see this x :)

Sosic said...

Awwwwwwwe :):)
Thank you! That made me smile, you clearly are beautiful inside and out too!
take careee!


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