Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Rewards" For "Goal Weights".

I just thought i would quickly post my little rewards im going to give myself every time i hit a weight I'm OKAY with:

99lbs = FINALLY dying my hair lime green. Hahah, I've had it bright blue, bright red, purple, and now its bleached blond because i said i wasn't going to dye it green (the color i want to dye it badly!) until i reach 99lbs once again and get back on track!

95lbs = Get my eye brows didddd! Hahah seriously, they need a nice good waxing lol. I've been meaning to get them done for a while now, but THIS WAY i will have to lose weight before i get them done. Getting 2 birds stoned at once.

90lbs = Buy a couple sweaters i want, and shirts. I usually buy any shirt and just cut them up or draw all over them.

I might change the reward for 90lbs and reward myself with something a little better, now that clothes aren't really a big deal to me.
For the record, i don't NEED these rewards to motivate me to lose wait, I've got all the motivation i need.
I'm still thinking up a big bad ass reward for 85lbs. I'm thinking LICENSE. but that could be a bad idea... hahaha

Take Care Lovely's and Gents.



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